Wednesday, April 3

Nutrition: GOTD is no fake carbs, which I was not aware of until I'd already had two servings of my fake granola. So...swapped goals with tomorrow, making today: consume a gallon of water: .5 quart down during class, 1.5 quarts throughout AM, 2 quarts throughout a'noon, .5 quart at home in eve. Do the math, that's an extra half quart!

Consumed: Sunbutter & fake granola, coffee plain & w coconut milk; Americano w/ SFS; more coffee; decaf coffee; more Sunbutter & fake granola; ribs, chocolate chips, apple, supps; green tea; prime rib, apple w PB2, micro cake w jelly, senna tea
Tally: 500cal P, 950cal C, 525cal F, 1975 total.

Felt very snacky all damn day. Stupid fake granola! Carbs beget carbs. On the other hand, I should sleep well tonight.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 82% quality, and that's accurate. Tossing and turning a LOT after checking the time at 330a. UGH. Got up with an angry face, but somehow my energy was great.

Body: I felt fantastic today. Perhaps yesterday I was wanting heavier front squats, but finding out that 95# leaves me not the slightest bit sore is pretty damned sweet! Felt so good that I joined in on class and had a freaking BLAST. I want to join in every time! 2.13m noon walk with Lisa to enjoy the sunshine.

DL chins before/after class, 3x2. Low volume, and switch to chins, per Chief. Keep the elbows happier, he thinks. Know what I think? I think the elbows should suck it up for one more week - they will have 5 days off over Boston!

Acne: I think I'm over the peak, which definitely points to a Saturday timeline, and definitely soy. Fuck you, soy. I want to enjoy an exploding bear omelet!!

Brain: Very good. Morning class endorphins, followed by Relay breakfast fundraiser FUN, followed by team video silliness.

Grateful: For sunshine. I feel like a flower soaking it up!

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