Wednesday, April 17

Nutrition: GOTD is moderation. Last day of vacation, meet with Steve tomorrow morning to kick off my 2.5-month fat loss attack, but I don't need to eat like it. No physical or mental benefit to it. Also, modeling gig in just one week.

Consumed: egg, bacon, sorbet, apple, black coffee; Americano; Larabar, pork jerky, DP; Larabars, pork chop, DC; Cobb salad w/ balsamic, bit of prime rib

Sleep: In bed 8.5 hours, 10p-630a, 97% quality. Creepy dreams, but otherwise it did feel solid, though I would have guessed more like 90%.

Body: Improving. Both hips ache, but sunburn is currently the bigger issue. It's making me wear the same clothes again (no irritating seams), and the backpack is a cruel addition. Shins are sore.

Did my NSS warm-up before we left for airport, wanting to get blood flowing. Left hamstring is most tight, left glute aches, but all else seemed to benefit from movement.

Very tired at airport, 10a or so. Wanted to nap but couldn't even doze. Same on second flight, 4p.

After supper, ran through the rain to the vehicle, and the hips didn't hurt with running! Problem solved: run at all times!

Brain: Good. Decent sleep has restored some patience, even on travel day.

Grateful: For the kindness of strangers. Boston airport worker asked me if I got to finish, congratulated me, and asked me to please come back next year. I assured him I would. A lie, but exactly the lie he needed to hear. I can be a kind stranger, too!

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