Wednesday, April 10

Nutrition: GOTD was a gallon of water, to prevent me from ODing on caffeine like I wanted to do. I caved for a bottle of pop in the a'noon, and I nearly got in my water: 1 quart between home & class; 1 in morning, 1 in afternoon; .5 at home. Good 'nuff.

Consumed: macaroons; Larabar, turkey jerky, coffee black & w/ coconut milk; Americano w/ SFS; chicken sausage, Larabar; fish w/ hot sauce, apple, coconut flakes, DCC; apple, coconut flakes; eggs, chicken sausage, asparagus, kraut, side pork, decaf w/ coconut milk; apple w/ chocoproto dip, senna tea
Tally: 925cal P, 575cal C, 500cal F = 2000 total

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 77% quality, but that feels overly optimistic. Woke at 130a, h/s/g: hit bathroom, drank water, ate two macaroons, still took ages to fall back. Resisted urge to check time, but it appears I lasted to at least 230/3a. Alarm woke me. Not happy.

This one confounds me, because calories were a reasonable 1700, carbs were at 525cal, supper was early and moderate calories, everything should have been just fine. Stupid body.

Body: Right side neck/shoulder area tight, so no pulls of any kind. Stupid body. Did a lightweight version of my class workout, really just wanted to move but resisted the urge to Do All The Things; only did about 30% of their workout. Felt awesome! Noon mobility, yoga, foam roll, and more telling myself Do Not Do All The Things.

Acne: Realized two more possible culprits:
-fake granola. Fine in the past*. Started the bag on April 2. Suspect ingredients: rice (fine in the past*), seed oil (but so low on list*).
-PB2. Fine in the past*. Been eating a lot more lately since I've been addicted to apples.
*But that don't mean shit. Stupid body.

Brain: Awesome. Two days to vacation! Great work day! Fantastic EliteFTS apparel order! Lovely kind words from FB peeps!

Grateful: For the ability to give treats to my favorite peeps regularly; today included Dustin and the entire tax firm. And, by proxy, my mom, who was recruited to deliver the tax firm treat and thus got to glow in the fun of surprise-treat-delivery warm fuzzies.

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