Tuesday, April 9

Nutrition: GOTD is fish, which I had at lunch. Fish that was payment for doing my SIL's taxes, even better! Made up a bunch last night, gonna be eating it all week to prevent it from going bad while on vacation.

Consumed: turkey egg, chicken sausage, Brussels sprouts, kraut, coffee black & w/ coconut milk; Larabar; Americano w/ SFS; Larabar; fish w/ hot sauce, cauliflower w/ garlic, apple; pork jerky, salad w/ ham & balsamic, apple w/ choco-coco-PB2 dip
Tally: 875cal P, 500cal C, 325cal F = 1700cal Total

The astute reader will notice excessive Larabar consumption this week. That's what I plan on eating throughout the marathon (a half-bar every hour or so - same as I was doing way back on my long trail runs) so I want to be sure my body is super efficient at digesting it. I'm eating one each morning with breakfast, and one as my mid-morning snack, thus the last intake before my workout. It's basically the only marathon-related effort I can make at this point, besides physically resting, and mentally cultivating the right attitude.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 9p-530a, 86% quality. Lot of tossing & turning from 3a onward, but I did not need to get up. Feeling rested.

Body: Both hips are achey. Hmmm. This body is going to be completely immobile next Tuesday! Wheelchair tour at the Sam Adams Brewery?

Chins in session, 3x4. I think. Might have been 3 sets, apparently I was completely spaced during squats/chins. Session was easy-peasy but for bench. Felt great & it was fun!

Chins at home, 3x6.

Acne: It's gotta be the "dairy allergens" in the brown sugar cinnamon-flavored SFS that I've had for AGES. They must have changed their ingredients is all I can figure. And the "dairy allergens" in the syrup appears to be hidden inside the "natural flavors" ingredient. So frustrating. And seriously, so little quantity: massive cysts over perhaps an oz per day, 3-4 times/week? A face I hate, and I wasn't even enjoying pizza and ice cream or something that might be REMOTELY worth it? (Yet, still not.) Screw you, overly-sensitive body.

Brain: Almost awesome. Had a good productive morning, had a great session, didn't even bat an eye at the miss on bench press because I knew what went wrong, then had an technologically-frustrating afternoon. I was looking through my snack stash, and I truly FELT hungry in my guts, but I knew it was just a mental thing. Blargh to that "must eat" instinct, but I managed to avoid eating. Mostly due to a lack of snacks. (Hey, win 'em however you can, right?)

Grateful: For the boys at NSS, who swapped around duties for this Tuesday/next Tuesday at my request. Or possibly other reasons, but I'm telling myself it was all for me. I feel special. And that's why I love them!

And for a perfect Boston forecast:

Please please please don't change!!

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