Tuesday, April 16

Nutrition: GOTD was moderation. Eat for recovery, but don't go nuts and Eat All The Things. Plenty of recovery calories were consumed last night already. Also, craved vegetables after a day of none. Did well but for "finish that trail mix!" urge.

Consumed: sorbet, coffee, eggs, bacon, apple, tea; chef salad w/ vinegar, Uberbar; trail mix, Larabar, kombucha; 3 kinds of thinly-sliced pork w/ fridge pickles and spicy mustard, apple

Sleep: 6.5 hours in bed, 10p-430a, 67% quality. Woke just after midnight but didn't get up. Tossed and turned regularly after that. Hot due to sunburn, then cold without covers, then couldn't stand hip flexors being curled-up, but laying flat on my back I couldn't sleep, on and on. Gave up and got up early, hoping for a nap later on.

Got one, but barely: 1.5 hours in bed, 415-545p, woke mid-sleep cycle. Got up even more tired.

At supper time I was so tired as to be incapable of caring about anything. Impatient. Depressed by my food allergies being such a PITA for everyone else and making restaurant selection such a fucking ordeal. This body needs sleep something fierce.

Body: Achey and creaky as expected. Blisters feel a little better. Sunburn is itchy but not too bad, though still hot and already peeling a bit in eve. Going up stairs feels great, moving the muscles is lovely; but normal walking is stiff (hip flexors, quads), and heading down stairs is awful (knees, quads, hips). Worse than a normal long run due to the sprinting, but probably helped a little by the two miles of walking last night. Lower legs are stellar, joints a tough achey.

Once we set out for the day, walking more than a couple minutes caused knee pain. Always good to start, but eventually it would kick in. Really bad on the short walk home after supper, plus shivering due to cold: miserable. The lack of quality sleep, on top of a brutally slow marathon, with an extra dose of terrorism,is finally smashing me flat. Tomorrow's travel day is likely to be painful as well.

Brain: Still in shock but focusing on all the goodness, in typical Sabrina fashion. It's the way I want to see the world - so I do. Even when confronted with obvious signs of evil, I still believe most people are good. I see it every day, and especially here and now. Various people have offered me help, and I need nothing. I can only hope those in need have been similarly overwhelmed with generosity.

Wish our last full day here could have been as touristy as we planned, but it's okay. I still quite love this city and would love to come back in the summer sometime and just wander around. This city is made for wandering and I wish I had felt up for it today.

Grateful: For the technology that allows us all to connect and share our status. Without my phone yesterday I would have been so confused and lost and wouldn't have had a clue what was going on or where I should go, and I would have been scared out of my mind. If my family had not been able to contact me, they would have been terrified. If I had been trying to run a fast race, I wouldn't have had my phone on me at all. The hundreds of Facebook posts made me feel very loved. The map on my phone helped me navigate back to my family. Magical elves of the interwebz, I love you!

Oh, and beyond grateful for this. Paid for with blood, sweat, tears, pieces of my very soul:

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  1. Congratulations!! what a huge accomplishment! Glad you're safe.