Thursday, April 18

Nutrition: GOTD is 1800 calories. And not all Larabars.

Met with Steve to kick off fat-loss plans. I want to focus on this through June and then MOVE ON. My suggested route, which he approved: fast on Fridays and eat a sweet 1800 the rest of the week. (Moderation: not my thing.) That averages out to [an effective weight-loss intake of] 1543 cal/day. But one day of fasting doesn't feel like deprivation, as compared to 7 low-calorie days that do. More importantly, eating up to 1800 should give me great sleep. Crappy sleep Friday night, at the start of the weekend is fine because (a) I can NAP, and (b) I won't have any long runs to slog through! Perfect.

Consumed: 2 eggs, 4 sl toast, coffee black & w/ stevia, mini Larabar, coffee w/ SFS; 3oz pork jerky; 2oz pork jerky, Larabar; 3.25oz turkey jerky; 3 sl French toast (egg whites) w/ PB2 & SFS, decaf black & w/ stevia
Tally: 1075cal P, 500cal C, 150cal F = 1725 cal

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 1045p-615a, 55% quality. Didn't feel that badly at all, more like 80%. Woke a few times 4a onward, but I suspect Oscar may have been messing with it.

Body: Quite good. Hips still a bit achey, shins still hurt, that's about it. Workout was super easy of course, but it just plain felt good.

Pulls in session 4x3, and at home 2x5.

Brain: Wonderful. Spent the day at NSS, full of hugs and welcomes and chatty stories and even a gift from Dustin. Didn't even get too upset at the snowfall!

Enjoyed time in the hot tub with Hop, sharing our full stories of the post-bombing chaos now that it's a bit more distant. They were close enough to feel it. Again thankful for the bum knee.

Grateful: For all of the wonderful people in my world. They're incredible.

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