Thursday, April 11

Nutrition: GOTD is to keep things in line; control the snackiness and don't dive into vacation mode at supper time. Moderation, grasshoppah.

Consumed: eggs, hot dogs, kraut, asparagus, coffee w/ coconut milk & black, Larabar; Americano w/ SFS; chicken sausage, hot dog, Larabar, coffee; chicken sausage, hot dog, fish, apple, coconut flakes; mixed nuts, fish w/ hot sauce, salad w/ balsamic, trail mix
Tally: 1000cal P, 450cal C, 625cal F = 2075cal total

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 845p-515a, 89% quality. Dozed in/out after 2a, but didn't need to get up. Fairly well rested.

Body: Left hip a bit achey, right neck/shoulder just a touch tight yet, all else is good. Session felt ridiculously easy. As it should, but I want to DO STUFF.

Pulls in session: 5, 4x4, only easy, strain-free pulls per Dustin. Chins at home: 4x5.

Brain: "Last day at TS before vacation" is overruling the superbly crappy snow day.

Today I told Dustin my only running-related goal this year is to fall in love with running again. I am in for the Train & Stay for sure, and possibly the WD 50k if everything is going wonderfully, but it's not a requirement. I'd like to log a lot of trail time, even if just walking, including another weekend trip to the SHT. I'm wanting more frequent short runs, more like 4 days per week than 2-3. But no more BHAGs this year, nothing where something outside of my control (injury) can ruin me. If my foot hurts, I want to shrug my shoulders and play with my KBs & DBs outside instead. No problemo, no big deal, no ambitious training schedule that's now completely fucked.

He also prompted me to think about what I want to do at NSS, what kind of things to work on post-Boston. I think I want to let Dustin figure out my lifting goals and not even tell me what he's expecting, because I just don't know what's reasonable, and when I set something unreasonable & fail, I'm going to take that failure as a sign of suckage. I'd love to get back squats going again, and maybe have him to write me a "day 3" program for at home, for OH press & front squats. Oh, and get me to a muscle-up.

But my first post-Boston goal is to lean out and like my body again, so any training needs to take that into account. Or I need Steve to tell me how to balance low-calorie days/weeks against the lifting cycle. Which is much easier if I'm not also trying to run long every weekend, so at least that helps.

That's right: I wanna lift heavy, run far, and look hot doing it.

Build me into a Ferrari, Dustin. It isn't too much to ask, is it?

Grateful: Getting all emotional about Boston already. Such a sap! My people are just so wonderful. Lisa in particular sent me a lovely email that made me tear right up. Brett stopped by on his way out to wish me luck. Lots of good FB comments.

Dustin took the moderation route, didn't get too deep into thinking about it, just focused on me already being in a good mental place to enjoy the experience. And he told me to remember that, as I take my walk break and watch "everyone else" run past me, 99% of the runners in this country will never even get to take a walk break in the Boston Marathon. If only he could perch on my shoulder and dole out such gems when I am most in need!

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