Sunday, March 31

Nutrition: GOTD is eat by feel, then track how it went (as opposed to set a goal first). Debated fasting, but I just plain wanted to eat. So I did. But I struggled with what to eat, as all last week's food prep is gone, haven't done this week's yet, don't have any portable junk in the house anymore, and a gas station was my only option. Ended up scavenging fruit from the tax firm and thankfully found raw veg & HB eggs at the gas station. All rather unsatisfying until I got to nosh on Easter leftovers for supper. My papa's smoker is the only reason to have holidays, I swear. Also, lesson re-learned: eating right is damn hard without planning. So, PLAN.

Consumed: coffee w/ SFS, HB eggs w/ mustard, apple, supps; pistachios, jerky, DCP; raw veg, ham, jerky, apple, supps, DA&W; smoked chicken & smoked ribs, fudge bar, senna tea, supps
1075cal P, 550cal C, 325cal F = 1950cal total; a bit too high, but not bad for recovery (& considering it was a day at the tax firm)

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 1030p-7a, 90% quality. That feels a touch optimistic, as there was lots of tossing & turning 445-545a, probably active kitties wondering why I wasn't up. But I managed another full cycle after that, so I got up feeling pretty good.

Body: Victory-filled! Slightly sore from sprinting: abs, quads, hip flexors, calves - but all mild, and foot, knee, joints are fine. Even, remember, after not taping the foot. Woo hoo!

However, full rest day from pulls: both elbows still a touch annoyed, upper right neck area still tight.

Acne: Reacting to something; pinpointing the Friday omelet (and potentially yesterday's) which probably had soybean oil...and corn syrup in the ketchup I put on it. Also, the pistachios I ate Friday had dextrin...which is corn. Stupidly sensitive body! The reaction is fairly moderate, though, no giant awful cysts, and mostly on chin. So I'm not hating my face too badly.

Brain: Good. 8th straight day in a row of working has me fading a bit, but I let myself move slowly in the morning and catch up on some things and didn't start working until 9a, plus took a mid-day sunshiney brain-break to stroll over to the gas station for jerky & 'stachios.

Grateful: For such incredible work ethic everywhere I work. Work Easter at the tax firm because I prefer to run on Saturday? No problem, there's three others coming in, too. And on Saturday afternoon I even got replies back from NSS peeps hanging at home but watching their email because they knew I'd be in then.

I just love that everyone else I work with/for has such a high level of commitment. I don't think I could work for someone who was cool with just skating by at a half-assed level of effort.

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