Sunday, April 7

Nutrition: GOTD was simply to manage the uber-snackiness I battled all day.

Consumed: turkey egg, chicken sausage, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, side pork, coffee w/ coconut milk & black, Larabar; PB&J toast, Larabar; pistachios, salad w/ ham & balsamic, tea; pork chop, sweet potato, tea bits w/ coconut milk
Tally: 525cal P, 725cal C, 650cal F =1900 total

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 11p-7a, 81% quality. Felt better, maybe 85-90%. Woke about 5a (almost at a level of h/s/g but not quite) but kept dozing after that.

Napped 330-5p, in front of TV, in & out.

Body: Feeling good! 6.06m run/walk was great, two walk breaks for Lisa's side aches, but I felt awesome. Minor aches & pains afterward in feet, knees, hip, as well as all-over fatigue, but nothing surprising.

Chins throughout day: 5x5.

Acne: Still reacting to something. I shall completely cut out the SFS. Dang. I guess it's time to eat like a nutritionist, anyway.

Brain: Decent. Productive in AM, lazy post-run.

Grateful: For a talented husband. Tonight's chops were bomb dig.

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