Sunday, April 21

Nutrition: GOTD is again 1800 calories. May have estimated too conservatively on tax firm meal, but don't care all that much.

Consumed: 2 eggs, chicken sausage, bacon, kraut, Brussels sprouts, grapefruit, 2c black coffee, 2c coffee w/ T coconut milk; RR bar; steak salad w/ balsamic, DP; giant steak, 2 lobster tails, plain baked potato, mixed nuts, c fruit
Tally: 975cal P, 525cal C, 300cal F = 1800cal total

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 10p-630a, 85-90% quality (forgot to set sleep app). Tossing and turning for last hour or two, but got up feeling rested.

Body: Had a great workout session at the Well with Amy. Hammies still tight. Trapbar deadlifts at 135 felt HARD because of it. What the wha?

DL pulls in workout 3x3, then DL chins (just cuz I switched to squat rack, no issues) 4x2 = 17.

Brain: Awesome. Fun workout, fun lunch afterward to hear all the details of Amy's new job. Sad, but I'm very excited for her. Fun party & amazing food with the terrific tax peeps.

Grateful: For the technology that shall keep me in touch with my beloved Amy. She's even admitted she'll be forced to get on FB, finally! But I am still going to miss her tons. So smart. Love to tromp around in the woods with her. So very helpful with work-related conversations. One of the few people with whom I share nearly identical religious & political views. Superb workout buddy - the primary group fitness instructor responsible for my fitness addiction, in fact. Beyond hilarious. Just god damned FUN to be with. VERY sad for me, VERY happy for her.

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