Saturday, April 27

Nutrition: GOTD is 1800 calories and a gallon of water, to make up for poor H2O intake yesterday. Flip ilex; was just as poor with water today.

Consumed: 1.5sl bacon, c cabbage, c asparagus, sl egg bake, apple, grapefruit, 4c reg w/ 2T coconut milk; jerky, apple, 2c reg; meat lover's scramble (hold the sausage, double the ham!), crispy hash browns, few c reg; bottle DCP; two beef patties w/ T mustard, salad w/ balsamic, grapefruit, c strawberries; apple, half bottle DA&W
Tally: 900cal P, 825cal C, 75cal F = 1800 total

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 930p-430a, 81% quality. Work regularly just after 1a. Got up feeling decent. 20-minute mid-afternoon power nap with the brain wave app. Very nearly fell asleep, but not quite. Got up a bit groggy, but recovered after another twenty or so minutes.

Body: Great, after a solid rest day. Took another rest day just due to busy-ness, but getting antsy to run.

Chins throughout day, 4x8, all of which felt pretty easy. Relieved to be coming back around.

Brain: Very good. Bit overwhelmed by dog work. Had a superbly fun morning with my oldest god-daughter: mani for me, pedi for her, shopping, lunch, more shopping, house tour & dog show. Had a bit of time in the sunshine and a power nap before heading to niece's 4th birthday party with the pooch. Encountered three other dogs and about twenty people, a third of them children. He barked while playing, and he begged while we ate, but otherwise his manners were fantastic. Hooray for hope!

Grateful: For god-parenting. Whatever the origins of this tradition, it has given me such pleasure in letting me act like a fun aunt. I love it!

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