Saturday, April 20

Nutrition: GOTD is 1800 calories. Overate at lunch because I was snacking as I prepped food. Reined it in for supper, able to realize I was not hungry. (No caloric room for Mangria! Damn.)

Consumed: 6oz pork carnitas, Larabar, 3c reg; 3-egg omelet (ham, onion, tomato, green pepper, shroom), hash browns, many c coffee; 3oz carnitas, sl egg bake, grapefruit, RR bar, banana pepper juice; roasted cauliflower; mini Larabar
Totals: 1000cal P, 575cal C, 250cal F = 1825cal total

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 930p-5a, 62% quality. Woke often after 3a, but not h/s/g so stayed in bed hoping to fall back. Got up feeling pretty good, just hungry. Intended to take an afternoon nap, but didn't feel like I needed one.

Body. Hammies still super sore. Sheesh, can I really lose it that quickly?

Pulls, 4x4=16. Wanted to do more, but trying to be reasonable and stick with small increases (I'm learning!). The sets of 4 felt about as hard as yesterday's 3 so that was happy news.

Acne: Testing today's hash browns from Northwoods. I know they are safe at Jan's Place, not safe at Coffee Pot, time to test these. Also, not sure if Travelers Inn is okay...will have to make a date there soon, too!

Brain: Really good.

Breakfast with one of my besties, (oh, man: iPad auto-corrected that to "beasties"...also accurate!) Joy, which included a gift of bacon & BAA-blue-and-yellow flowers. Do my beloveds know me, or what?!

Shopping with the hubs for my hammock funded by tax season's paycheck. (Yes, still a lot o' fun funds left...summer hiking trip with Amy, hopefully, plus the Train & Stay, definitely!)

We also visited the humane society and found a REALLY good dog but he can't be adopted for a full week, so we have time to think and debate and revisit him. He's a German Shorthair and quite mellow, which seems ideal, but we need to make sure he isn't just mellow due to being under the knife only yesterday. You know that a doggie adoption is HYUGE for me, so this is super exciting!

Grateful: For small towns. Our Northwoods waitress gave me free breakfast AND a hug today when I told her why Joy had given me flowers, plus the next table clapped!! Where else ya gonna find that kind of love?!

Food prep ROCK STAR today:
-carnitas x3
-pizza egg bake x11 (oops, I ate a slice while packing it up!)
-salads w/ avocado x5
-roasted cauliflower w/ garlic x5
-breakfast sausage x4
-plus: eggs, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, sauerkraut, bacon, grapefruit, apples

I created a daily food template using all this goodness as my building blocks, and calories are low enough that I have plenty of room to tack on treats like extra bacon or Larabars or extra coconut milk or even (gasp!) a micro cake to ensure I hit 1800. I am being very aware that I won't benefit by adding even more low-cal days even if it feels fine to do so - because within days my sleep will suffer and my brain will tank and I will eat fistfuls of food. I need to keep hitting that generous 1800, enjoy it, and don't add a single iota of deprivation to any day but Friday.

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