Saturday, April 13

Nutrition: GOTD is still to eat like an athlete. High calories thanks to trail mix, but otherwise great.

Consumed: apple, eggs, bacon, hash browns, coffee; trail mix; Americano w/ SFS; trail mix; Cobb salad w/ oil & vinegar, decaf; trail mix, macaroons; jerky, Uberbar, senna tea

Sleep: 6.25 hours in bed, 930p-345p, 66% quality. Blargh. Got up cranky but better after thinking about the alternative: I could be staying home and working at the tax firm. No thanks!!

Unable to nap like everyone else but had restful reading time.

Body: Really good. When I got out of bed, I realized I was bracing myself for some aches and pains. Felt none: zip, zero, zilch. I SUPPOSE perhaps that Dustin dude knows what he's doing after all!

One mile walk late afternoon to and from grocery store. Felt lovely to move a little!

Brain: Good. Travel days are painful, but the destination shall be worth it!! At the airport and around Boston, eyed up all the Boston-gear-clad runners and realizing they may be eyeing me just as much! Apartment is fantastic; great size, quality, location, price. Can't beat that!

Grateful: For coffee, sweet coffee.

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