Monday, April 8

Nutrition: GOTD was to get in 5s vegetables. No problem, thanks to my giant salads! Did eat more than planned, had been trying to skate by on lowered calories but got HONGRY.

Consumed: coffee w/ coconut milk & black, Larabar; Larabar; chicken sausage & cauliflower w/ hot sauce, apple; coconut flakes & fake granola w/ Sunbutter, apple; apple, coconut flakes, tea; salad w/ balsamic, pork chop w/ BBQ sauce
Tally: 350cal P, 725cal C, 725cal F = 1800 total

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 91% quality. Awesomely, my phone did its recently-learned trick of changing the time 15 minutes back, so I got up late! Jerk! Felt good, just a little bit rushed.

Body: Slight digestion issues after forgetting supps last night, but otherwise I feel pretty good. Although, left glute feels slightly jacked-up again, noticed on class warm-up. Noon run to & from the post office w/ Lisa, 3.56 miles. Felt super easy!

Chins in AM only, 5x2. Elbows started feeling annoyed last night, just a little bit. Normal today, but I'd like to save up for tomorrow's session, as I think it may be a max effort day.

Acne: Still rather fierce. Ugh.

Brain: One week to Boston. I actually thought about it this morning with real and true excitement when I realized "At this time next week, I'll be on the shuttle to Hopkinton!" Excitement - what a concept!

This is something everyone has been telling me, I know, but it actually hit me today: I already had my awesome race when I qualified for Boston - I don't still have to be awesome when I actually do it.

And also, this is a great opportunity for me to give hope to a whole bunch of fellow runners... when they see me do a walk/run at Boston, when they compare where they are right now to where I am, they will realize they are ahead of me. And perhaps they will realize they are just as capable of crazy awesomeness as I once was. Maybe someone will be motivated to push themself just a little bit harder & a little bit farther because of my walking. And my little bleeding heart really likes that thought!

These were my Boston goals:
  1. Start the Boston Marathon.
  2. Don't get injured in the Boston Marathon.
  3. Finish the Boston Marathon.
  4. Enjoy the Boston Marathon.
  5. Run all of the Boston Marathon.
The reason #4 is as low as it is: I was thinking in terms of enjoying it fully during the race...big-picture, I'd rather see myself pushing hard & suffering a little physical pain to finish - suck it up for a few hours and have an entire lifetime to look back on it with satisfaction. It’s going to be something I look back on as “ZOMG I AM SO AWESOME I RAN BOSTON” if I finish it, and I’ll forget if it was incredibly hard at the time. Whereas if I enjoy the race but have to quit at mile 20 because my knee is being a jackass, or whatever, that DNF pain is going to last a lot longer than a grueling 4-5 hour race. Anyway.

Grateful: For this, from my NSS peeps:

It literally could not be a more perfect representation of me, could it?

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