Monday, April 29

Nutrition: GOTD is 1800 calories and a gallon of water. .5 quarts by 7a. 1.5 by 11a. 2.5 by 2p. 3.5 by 430p. 4 quarts = 1 gallon by 8p. Finally!

Consumed: 2 eggs, 1.5sl bacon, uncured beef hot dog, .5c kraut, c asparagus, 2sl toast, 2c reg w/ SFS; 2c reg; egg bake, 2 hot dogs, apple, 2c reg; 2 hot dogs, roasted cauliflower w/ hot sauce, apple; Larabar (thanks, Monica!); 6oz pork roast w/ .5c veg topped w/ T jelly, c strawberries, 2sl toast w/ .5T coconut oil & T jelly, half bottle DA&W, c senna tea
Tally: 950cal P, 700cal C, 200cal F = 1850cal total

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 81% quality. Woke for bathroom at 1145p (wtf?) and woke often after 3a. Got up pretty tired.

Body: Feeling decent but refrained from class (other than warm-up) due to poor sleep. Spartacus, though, wanted to join! Did some DB shoulder presses at the end, just 'cause. Left glute is a bit jacked-up again; no idea why, but it feels tight and weak. Noon 1m run / 1m walk in Vibrams felt wonderful, but not enough. I also ran around in Vibrams with Hank when I got home. One lap walked, two or three ran, knee bugged at the end. Was slow, blaming that.

Pulls during class, 5x5, and after run, 5x1. Elbows seemed a touch angered, will return to chins.

Brain: Decent. Hank was nicely behaved this morning, but cats were Flipping Out. Gah.

Joy loaned me a great book - and sent me tea, too! Monica gave me congratulatory Larabars. Spoiled!!

And in the eve, had lovely doggie time. Hank has clearly been trained, he kept just ahead of me doing laps, would come back if I stopped, would come back if I called him away from the house (and cats), but I just can't convince him the cats are not potential playthings just yet.

Grateful: For Hop's job. Pumping has begun and I shall soon be complaining about it, but we sure couldn't afford this house if he was still at his old job, no matter how many jobs I have!

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