Monday, April 15

Race day!!

Nutrition: Plan was normal breakfast, in-race fuel, and then whatever the fuck I wanted afterward, figured I'd be seriously looking forward to the blackberry sorbet post-race. However, some fuckface with bombs messed up everyone's post-race plans - some of them, for their post-race life.

Consumed: macaroon; eggs, bacon, banana, apple, coffee, Ultima; Larabars; in race - 4 mini Larabars, 4 salt tabs, orange slice, Ultima; lemonade; pork jerky; pork chop, trail mix, macaroons, banana, tea

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 75% quality. Woke at 130a, hot/sweaty/gross (giant supper). Got up for water, bathroom, macaroon. Dozed in/out after 415a. Got up tired but adrenalized!!

Body: Felt good going into the race, and the first five miles were full of "I DO love to run! I feel awesome!" But the knee failed me. Or it may have saved me. I have no delusions that there is a God who saved me and not everyone else - I only feel lucky, but that is enough for me.

Post-race, I walked at least two miles to fetch bags and Julie with Shawn, then back home. So I hit my marathon distance after all! The walking was a bit painful to start, but I loosened up as we went and it felt better than I would have expected.

My DailyMile write-up: Boston Marathon

Brain: Exhausting emotional roller coaster.

Yay, I'm starting Boston! OMG this fucking knee, I will have to quit. Wait, I can sprint and walk. That works. High-five the cute little kids! Shut up, people telling me to run. Aw, look at all these charity runners battling through. Look at the chick dribbling a basketball as she runs! And also, fuck her for making this look so easy. Okay, I'm still going to finish this thing! Holy shit, bombs? That can't be right. What do we do, where do we go? All my people are okay!

So many extremes. Pure exhaustion.

Grateful: That everyone I know is safe. That there weren't more injuries. That it brought out kindness and generosity in so many people.

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