Monday, April 1

Nutrition: GOTD is 5s vegetables. Between kale chips & my veg-filled salad, piece o' cake!

Consumed: chicken sausage, deli ham, supps, coffee plain and w/ coconut milk & SFS; Americano w/ SFS; hot dog, apple; kale chips (nom), chocolate NuGo bar (meh), hot dog, Zevia; kale chips, carrot cake NuGo bar (better, but unsatisfying), mint tea; salad w avocado & balsamic, pepperoni w TC guac, senna tea w coconut oil, supps
Tally: 550cal P, 525cal C, 600cal F = 1675 total.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 81% quality. Yep, that's accurate. Hop came home just as I was falling asleep, so it took much longer than normal for me. And then I woke at 2a. And 3a. And the alarm woke me at 5a. Got up feeling decidedly cranky, but that went away when Hop got up before I left, and I got to see him for the first time in a full WEEK. (Oscar was beside himself, practically spinning circles, so cute.)

Body: Still sore from the sprinting. Did class warm-up and joined in a a few lightweight reps of Spartacus just to move around a little. Right shin is sore, that concerning...I was going to run with Timmy anyway, but she was bossy & told me not to! Did several errands instead, so I could get home earlier to see the hubster. Two rest days in a row, what is this?!

Debated a return to pulls today; I am feeling much improved, but don't want to get back at it too soon and regret it. So, another full day off - AGAIN. But that only makes for two; calm down, young grasshoppah.

Brain: Pretty darn good! Productive work day, first day of close but all is calm, all is bright. Left work on the early side to enjoy time with the hubster.

Grateful: For abundant sunshine. And even for the wind, which will help to eliminate the snow. Be gone!

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