Friday, April 5

Nutrition: GOTD is to play with meal timing; decided to front-load my calories, see if I can improve recovery throughout the day, then had a balanced, filling supper to help sleep.

Consumed: turkey egg, chicken sausage, kraut, Brussels sprouts, side pork, micro cake, coffee w/ coconut milk x2; black coffee; DCC; fake granola & coconut flakes w/ Sunbutter, apple; chicken sausage, roasted cauliflower, apple; salad w/ balsamic & ham, roast beef w/ carrots & potatoes, apple w/ chocoPB2, tea, senna tea
Tally: 625cal P, 625cal C, 500cal F = 1850

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 915p-415a, 78% quality. Feels accurate. Woke often after 2a, but did not need to get up. Felt like I was just hearing the cats constantly, one of my ear plugs was off-kilter. Feeling much improved over yesterday, but very aware of needing very good nutrition today.

Body: Still tight in upper back from Wednesday's class. Left glute still off, right hip feels a touch jacked, shins still sore; likely all just cumulative effects of poor recovery. Sat most of day (wearing boots at TS, at NSS).

Elbows feeling just as good as yesterday, so returned to quantity a leetle beet, but stayed with chins (except that proved impossible when jumping up to NSS bar): 5 chins, 5 pulls, 5 pulls, 5 chins. All dead hang and STRONG. Such great tension, in fact, that twice my right hammie wanted to cramp up, the little sissy!

Brain: Tired but a big step up from yesterday, as the outlook is much sunnier for my workload...or it was, until I spent 6 long hours at NSS, all by my sad little self. It's just not right when that joint is quiet.

Grateful: Today I set up my appointment to select the outfits I'll model at the LAPW Style Show. When asked about sizing, I told her "Varies from small-to-medium, depending, as I have an athletic build." And then I grinned in realization that Yes, I do!

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