Friday, April 26

Nutrition: Fast day. Chilly all day, but fine. Only hungry at supper but too busy dealing with pooch. Too much fake sugar, not enough water. Two fast days completed = one pound of fat lost, right? Let's hope so!

Consumed: 4c reg, 2 w/ SFS; bottle DDP; bottle DP; can Zevia; can SF lemonade

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 11p-6a, 76% quality. Woke regularly after 3a, though not h/s/g, and kept falling back. Got up feeling okay, but would have liked more, fo' sho'.

Body: Feeling quite good, surprisingly; given how sore I was after last Thursday, but it seems I'm nearly at normal recovery. Yay!

Chins in AM, 4x3, felt MUCH easier than they have been feeling. Intended for more in eve, but again: pooch.

Brain: Excellent. Fun at NSS, fun at shopping, fun at dog adoption, but far more frustrating once I got him home and his energy level revealed itself. Wanted to run, too interested in cats, and husband foolishly let him off-leash to see what he'd do...he ran his ass full-speed a quarter-mile down the road to the neighbors, of course! Luckily hubs had some patience with him because I was plenty worn out by eve.

Grateful: For my parents, who brought over a kennel and a dog house and even a basket of toys!

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