Friday, April 12

Nutrition: GOTD is to remain in athlete mode, not vacation mode. That is the goal through Monday. I can't decide if I will track through then...definitely not calories & macros, but maybe a list.

Consumed: eggs, hot dogs, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, coffee black & w/ coconut milk; jerky; fish, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, Raw Revolution bar, decaf w/ coconut milk; hot dogs; chef salad w/ oil & vinegar; trail mix
Tally: 1025cal P, 225cal C, 375cal F = 1625 total

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 930p-5a, 79% quality. Felt better than that, woke just before 4 but logged another cycle, and got up feeling well-rested.

Body: Feeling awesome. Chins at home in AM, 4x2, in afternoon, 4x3.

Acne: Still fresh reactions and incredibly vicious. I don't understand what is causing this. Want to cry. I am going to put foundation on when I run Boston. That is such bullshit.

Brain: Also awesome. Met with Steve, feeling good about everything. We meet again next Thursday to launch a fat loss attack. And I am putting a deadline of June 30 on that. Get where I can, then transition to longer trail runs through October, then transition to powerlifting madness, then back to fat loss if I still need it.

Like how all I can talk about is the future these past couple days? That's because I will Freak The Fuck Out if I think about Boston for too long.

Grateful: For NSS. Spent much of the day there and loved every minute. (Holea even brought me her puppy to squeal over. Must. Get. Dog. Or dogs.)

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