Wednesday, March 6

Nutrition: Today's goal is low-carb. Easily done. Also, today I made up for yesterday's goal and ate tilapia as my morning snack. Fish at 930am - this is what healthy looks like, I guess?

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 87%. Very solid, though it took ages to fall asleep ("woe is me" thinking).

Body: Really good, considering yesterday's heavy swings. Was a little worried I might feel more from them. Lunch run with Lisa felt incredible. Not even a hint of difficulty. We walked a bit for her lungs, otherwise it was perfect.

Pulls during class 4x5. Pulls after run, 5x2. All dead legs.

Brain: Improved again. Time, perspective, running with Lisa. All good things.

Grateful: For my people.

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