Wednesday, March 20

Nutrition: No fake carbs. If Larabars count, I failed...poor planning again today, even forgot supps.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 90% quality. Up at 3a for bathroom and had a bit of monkey mind trying to fall back. Thinking about work, but not TS for once - was thinking about NSS! Sheesh.

Body: Sore all over. Did the second half of my class to get fluids moving and to keep Travis company. Spartacus-like: tough/fun. Justified by last night's giant supper - but that's the last bit of such foolishness this week. Time to focus on the upcoming long run. Noon 3.75 miles: ran to post office, mostly walked back because I felt the need to soak up the peace and quiet. (I want need to get out in the woods, and SOON. Go away, Winter. You were never welcome to start with!) Taped foot for run, removed it afterward as the foot was red & puffy. Both feet stayed a little puffy.

Pulls in class, 5x2, plus some decels when the muscles died.

Brain: Pretty good. Early-morning dose of perspective after reading about a severely-injured former coworker.

My life is pretty wonderful. I'm healthy. You're healthy. Hooray!

My annual review went well, but while walking I kept replaying the 2 minor unfavorable comments I got and used some strong Carolla-like language telling that awful internal voice to shut the eff up. This happened even after seeing the super awesome Echo Press article. My internal voice just needs to be killed right dead.

My hubs had a great response when I texted a picture of the article:
Awesome! Did you get a couple copies? And you are the best looking one with your NSS stuff on. Sponsorship for Boston??
Unfortunately, Dustin says I get advertising bonuses for a tattoo only. I say, give me free training for life and I am IN!

Grateful: For Brett, who made the article happen, and for Dustin, who made it possible.

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