Wednesday, March 13

Nutrition: Today's goal was to avoid fake carbs. Easy peasy - except for the 4 Reese's Pieces (3 of which FELL off Hop's cookie, poor guy).

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 75% quality. Woke ~230a, hit bathroom, took a while to fall back. I am so tired of being tired. Next year, someone please remind me to start going to bed earlier at least one week before DST starts.

Body: Did class warm-up and could feel tight hams from yesterday. Noon run went well - not easy, but we did 3.42 miles in 30 minutes with NO WALKING. Sadly, my freaking heart rate was 175 to maintain a 8:47 pace.

Foot was taped for the run, stayed taped afterward (1.5hrs sitting in meeting) - until 430p when I noticed how very PUFFY it was. Since I did not feel any inkling of anything, I removed the tape. Still good! If I weren't working on a long run this Friday, I would have chanced today's run without tape to see how it felt. But, priorities. Tape is cheap.

Rest day from pulls - not wanted, but I'm hoping it will help tomorrow's max pull effort to be more rested. Plus, very tight upper body.

Brain: Started out tired & annoyed, but class was fun (made 'em do Spartacus!), and then at my desk I was delighted by a dozen daffodils that had opened overnight. DELIGHTED!

Grateful: For signs of Spring, oh so welcome. Except for signs like March blizzards. They need to go to hell along with DST.

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