Tuesday, March 19

Nutrition: GOTD was to eat tuna as a snack. Ate at lunch instead, and also caught up on yesterday's 5s vegetables. Supper was a great big indulgence, very tasty.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, no sleep app but it was GD solid for once. Felt like 100% or so! Woke about 445a without alarm, dozed a bit, got up feeling very rested.

Body: Sore hams/glutes from Spartacus, tight hip flexors from yesterday's anxiety-packed driving, otherwise quite good. Session was bomb dig. I plugged my 95x8 bench into the 1RM max calculator I've used for my class's weights, and it gave me 120.55. Eep! Next up: actually doing it, of course. But a similar dealio is what told me I could qualify for Boston, and that was accurate!

Chins in session, 3x4.

Acne: Worsening. Now I'm suspecting Mangria again, even though it contains no grains, dairy, or soy (I emailed). Perhaps it's just the alcohol. Gah.

Brain: Decent. Finally finished & submitted my self-review - and with plenty of spare time, as my review with TC is tomorrow morning at 9a.

One of the questions was "My long term goals are"...and my answer was this:
Keep learning, keep collecting new experiences, keep finding the things I enjoy doing and am good at, keep helping others.
Two things that smacked me when I wrote that:

(1) "Keep helping others" is an interesting concept to flow into an answer about long-term career goals. If asked to clarify that exactly, I'd say it means: I share knowledge that lets others to do their job faster, better, smarter (as a Lead); I motivate my peeps down in the Well; I take on tasks that free up others to do THEIR thing faster, better (like NSS & DBB); and, literally, I just HELP PEOPLE because I'm a human being oozing with empathy who wants to fix the world's problems.

(2) Allathat led me to spend a bit of time seriously considering the possibility of doing my "pie in the sky" perfect job. That would be this: taking what I do for NSS, which is bookkeeping & admin tasks, and doing it for 9 other business as well. New place each morning, new place each afternoon, every week. Let the small business do what it loves & does best, let me do what I love & do best.

There are tons of owners whose business reaches this size and they either struggle to continue doing it all (thus either stretch themself too thin or trade off their income producing-time), or pay an accounting firm to do it at a higher cost than I would. However, the idea of ditching out on a secure full-time job like TS is very, very daunting. And who knows, once things settle down I might freaking adore this leadership position. So perhaps it's more of a 5-10-year plan...but if it is 5 years, that actually means taking the first steps of action soon. Again: very, very daunting.

Grateful: For my many future options. Glad I'm a smarty pants.

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