Tuesday, March 12

Nutrition: Today's goal was to eat fish as a snack, so I was going to have my can of tuna mid morning. Failed. I had almonds instead, because I was In A Mood, too frustrated and tired to take on the challenge of eating plain tuna. I ate the tuna at lunch instead, so maybe not an "F" but only a "D"?

Sleep: 9.5 hours in bed, 9p-630a, but only 62% quality, and unfortunately, that sounds very accurate. Woke at 445a & hit bathroom, felt like maybe I should just stay up, but was SO TIRED and wanted another sleep cycle. I got it, but it still didn't feel like enough. Ugh.

Body: Decent other than tired. Session felt pretty good, better than last week, though mentally not up to par at all. Swapping Mike for Dustin didn't help.

Chins in session 10, 6, 6. Disappointing - I could not catch my breath for some reason.

Brain: Tired and overwhelmed by work. Feeling like that lame friend who does nothing but whine & complain, especially given all the great things in my life, but I'm drowning here.

I worked on my self-review today - enjoy these exerpts:
What was your greatest victory at Tastefully Simple during the past year? Promotion.

What has been your greatest challenge? Promotion.
The promotion didn't even happen in 2012, so those can't be my answers - but it is first & foremost what is killing me these days.

So I performed a random act of kindness - to myself - and left at 4pm. After showing up at 8am! And taking a 2-hour lunch! Who do I think I am?! (I am someone who put in 11 hours yesterday and will do so again tomorrow, that's who!)

Grateful: That I can afford to give little gifties to my besties, and that I managed to do so when one of them was having a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day involving death of a pet. Sadness.

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