Thursday, March 28

Nutrition: Today's goal is to drink a gallon of water. No problemo!

Consumed: eggs, chicken sausage, asparagus, kraut, carby micro cake, coffee w/ coconut milk & SF syrup, supps; Americano w/ SFS; coffee w/ SFS; egg bake, hot dog; workout; hot dogs, roast veg, choco chips & SB, Zevia; apple; salad w/ pepitas, & ham, strawberry-banana smoothie, apple & choco-PB-protein-coco dip, senna tea, supps
Totals: 875 cal P, 600 cal C, 550 cal F = 2025.

High day to get sleep back on track. I feel like I ate a freaking ton, but only got up to 2025 calories? Amazing how much I can eat when I'm only on whole-food goodness. Amazing how very little I miss the junk. (Let's ignore my fake sweeteners for now, m'kay?)

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 930p-430a, 84% quality. Feels about right. Mostly awake from 330a onward, but felt like I was resting, not quite a wired mind. But this is going to hit me hard soon if I don't get back on track.

Body: Feeling pretty much amazing. I guess rest days can do a body good? Golly gee, I'm learning all sorts of helpful stuff lately! Session felt fantastic.

Pulls in session, 4x5. Up to a sweet 1250, 25% of the year's goal, and a few days ahead of schedule. Rock on, lats!

Brain: Doing well

Met with Steve today and told him that I am doing well with my eating but am not enjoying the return to tracking and the time spent crunching numbers. What?! WHO AM I.

I feel like I could get away with NOT tracking, just keep all nuts & junk food & recipes out of my daily life, ensure food prep on weekends, and I'll be fine. However, I do need to stay conscious of a need for re-feed days. If I can add indulgences like a Larabar & banana ice cream on Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday, I think I'll be fine.

Nuts: I can't resist anything but almonds, and the nutrition I get is not really worth the calories.

Junk food: Same as nuts, really. No ability to resist, and no nutrition.

Recipes: They never taste as good as the real thing, and never fully satisfy. Real whole food works better for me. An apple with my choco-PB-proto-coco dip (PB2 + chocolate protein + coconut oil) is far more satisfying than my micro cakes. While they can be delicious, most of the time they just taste like a sad version of what everyone else gets to eat. So why wouldn't I stick with the apple & dip and be satisfied? 

And this actually goes for whole-food-based recipes, too. I seem to do best at proper intake if I stick to my basics: breakfast of eggs, sausage, veg; snack of egg bake; lunch of seasoned meat, seasoned veg, fruit; supper of salad; snack of apple & dip...and, scene. I love these foods, they are satisfying, they don't leave me feeling deprived, and that level of intake is pretty much exactly what I need.

Also, it seems that allowing for a couple servings of fruit each day helps eliminate my cravings for junk. Yeah, it's nature's candy, but why not make that allowance if it keeps me satisfied? Fruit does provide plenty of nutrition after all.

So that is my plan: stick to the great working template, don't over-analyze or -think it.

Grateful: For the ease of eating healthy. I don't know where it went or why it's returned, but it makes my life so. much. easier.

Actually, I do know why it's returned: I've had a massive perspective shift where I no longer feel deprived because I can't eat what everyone else eats, no longer seeking food for comfort - I'm mainly just treating food as fuel again.

But I can't explain what finally pushed me back to this happy place. If I knew, maybe I could stop sinking to the cray cray place.

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