Sunday, March 24

Nutrition: Today's goal was to track and put numbers to it. 1500-1800 intake range from Steve. It seemed easier to deal with it by fasting! (Moderation is for sissies, yo.)

Tracking: few coffees w/ SF syrup, 2 DCP, tea, water, supps (added back Natural Calm); salad w/ ham, pepitas, avocado, balsamic; egg bake w/ avocado; dates, apple.
Very rough estimate: 125 cal P, 200 cal C, 400 cal F, 725 cal total. Win!

Felt: hungry at 10a, and chilly at 11a, right on cue for one hour later. Interesting how that works. Stayed chilly after that. energy solid. Very hungry on drive home so I decided to eat supper.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 1015p-6a, 81% quality. Lot of dozing in/out final 2 hours, but felt rested.

Body: Tight hip flexors, otherwise good. Little bit fatigued.

Pulls forgotten in AM so I did pushups throughout the day at tax firm, every hour or two as I remembered: 10x6. Eve lobster-grip pulls, 3x4. Walked on treadmill for 20 minutes when I got home, just to log some forward motion. Will run tomorrow at lunch, though I will be solo while my Timmy enjoys the warmth of Texas. I hope she has a fantastic time, but I sure do wish she could pop back to join me on the lunch cruise.

Brain: Spent some lazy time at home with coffee & a book before heading to tax firm. Lovely brain indulgence. And tax firm was fun today, very laid-back; even knocked out two personal tax returns and cut out after 8.5 total hours. Enjoyed the sunshine all the way home.

Grateful: For a bright, bright, bright, bright sunshiney day!

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