Sunday, March 17

Nutrition: Today's habit goal was to drink some tea so I had some senna tea in the eve in an effort to reset my digestion. Had sort of a snacky morning but moderated afternoon - because I was out of snacks. I really wanted to nosh on some crackers for a happier belly, but crispy veggies and an apple kinda sorta almost filled that void.

Sleep: I am guessing 6.5 hours in round 1 - I probably crawled into bed about 8p (after throwing up my Mangria) - and I'd call it 100%. I woke at 230a and very tentatively drank some water & ate a Larabar. Went back to bed but turned on bathroom light in case my body rejected all sustenance! Luckily it stayed down.

Got in 3.5 more hours, 245a-615a, 31%, one legit sleep cycle then dozing for the last hour or so. 

Body: Strangely tight right Achilles. Tired but actually feel better than I did last Sunday - more sleep. Or, rather: "sleep." Dehydrated for sure, but probably doing much better than I'd be if I had kept the Mangria down. It's delicious, but I'm not sure it's worth it. Going to shelve it until after tax season/Boston...I just can't afford to lose that much productive time!

3 pulls in AM, 3 in PM.

Brain: Tax day fun times. Logged a long day for the first time in a couple weeks; felt good to write down 9+ hours and cross several returns off my to-do list. It is still incredibly long, though...and I only have 4 work days left.

Grateful: For my insurance agent, with whom I had a genuinely enjoyable conversation this morning. What luck to actually like the people you do business with! And how sad to be so surprised by this.

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