Sunday, March 10

Nutrition: Today's goal was tea. Brought peppermint tea to tax firm for the afternoon. Other than that I pretty much subsisted on pop & coffee, because I was desperately in need of caffeination.

Sleep: Awful. 5 hours in bed, 945p-245a (old time), 48% quality. That is the result of drinking a whopping 3oz of Mangria (which is about 10oz less than I wanted to!) alongside a big ol' pork choppy supper. My body is just awesome. I was too wide awake to go back to bed, so I went ahead and started my day stupidly early.

About 7a I was crashing already, so I finally earned my DBB-employee stripes and bedded down in the break room for a nap! Didn't truly sleep, but dozed a solid 45 minutes.

Took a nap after work, a solid 1.25 hours. Groggy after that.

Body: Some stiffness in right foot, pinch has returned in left hip flexor, and all-over fatigue...given the ginormous jump in miles yesterday, very impressive! Digestion seems very angry about the Mangria. I fear this also indicates impending acne. Lack of sleep started to beat me up pretty good by mid-afternoon.

No pulls.

Brain: Poor sleep was NOT a good start to my taxy day, but I made it work.

Grateful: For flexible hours.

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