Saturday, March 9

Nutrition: Ate breakfast & run snacks like an athlete, but PWO snack & lunch like an addict, and supper like a Saturday night, complete with Mangria. (But I paid for it, big time.)

Today's goal was no pop. Had a bit more coffee than usual instead, but not out of line.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 10p-545a, 87%. Felt very solid. Had planned a post-run nap, but didn't feel I needed it.

Body: Solid! 16.28m run was a great experiment. 2/1 run/walk ratio until fatigue set in at 14m. Goal was 18m, but I shut down early to avoid feeling utter exhaustion, as directed by the bossy little Dustin inside my head, who told me to finish feeling good, a little left in the tank, satisfied.

At home, 15-minute soak in the hot tub, then lunch, then slacking with TV & chores. No nap. Tired around 530p, but not dead.

Long-run aches were better than expected. Knee was fine. Right foot was not that well-taped during run, due to soaked feet, and I did feel a little soreness more on the inner part in the last couple miles, but nothing sharp enough to worry about. At home I did NOT re-tape and I felt nothing.

Pulls throughout day, lobstah-grip dead-leg, 2x5.

Brain: Solid. Wasn't too anxious before run because I knew it would feel easy and felt confident the knee would cooperate with the speed "fixed." And I was right!

And obviously, post-run, I felt good. Not awesome, but content. As the day went on and I continued to feel pretty good physically, the better I felt mentally.

Grateful: For the knowledge that this crazy weather is nearing its end.

Come on, Spring!

Bring your green grass and fragrant dirt and chirping birds and warm sun over here. I'm waiting with open arms!

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