Saturday, March 30

Nutrition: GOTD is no pop. That was easy, but...felt pretty damned snacky all day. Poor sleep, frustrations at NSS, stupid handy Larabars, family holiday supper, and cravings for post-supper sweetness. Oh, well.

Consumed: dates; egg white scramble w PB2, coconut oil, apple jelly; coconut flakes & Sunbutter; Larabar; omelet, coffee; jerky, Larabar; smoked ribs, prime rib, sweet potato, cole slaw, raw veg, fruit; fudge bar, Sunbutter w/ coconut flakes, protein, & syrup, senna tea
1575cal P, 525cal C, 900cal F = 3000cal total

Average for the week is 1796cal = pretty much right where I should be!

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed. 945p-6a, 63% quality. Didn't feel that bad, but close. Woke at 1a, whether due to cats or thunderstorm or blood sugar or all of the above, it sucked. For some reason my brain went to visualizing an intruder so it took a while to rein in that crazy horse. Though it did reinforce my need for a pooch! Ate dates to fall back.

Body: Angry digestion, otherwise good. 5.72m run was intervals just because that's what I felt like doing. The idea of a steady-state run was de-motivating, but when I wondered if I could do intervals for an hour, I got excited to do it! I am pumped to be able to return to running how I feel like running.

Post-run, went to the Well to be a buddy and played with accessory versions of the big 5. Happy lifting!

Pulls during workout, 5x3, mixed pulls, chins, NG. Joints feeling a bit happier, but kept it to bare minimum. Smart, because my right upper back/shoulder tightened up some later in the day. (Extra computer time surely isn't helping, either.)

Brain: A great day. Chores, run, workout with buds, brunch with Amy, work at NSS, supper with the fam. Too much stuff I didn't get done, but I'm getting used to that.

Grateful: For fun data, like this, from today's run:

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