Saturday, March 23

Nutrition: Today's goal is no pop. Easy enough when you don't have any at home and don't leave.

Tracking: eggs, roasted root veg, carnitas, side pork, micro cake, coffee w/ coconut milk; Sunbutter, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, & dates, coffee; Larabar & Ultima during run; roasted root veg, carnitas, Larabar, Uberbar & PB2, decaf w/ coconut milk; sm apple; side pork, kraut, carnitas, micro cake, decaf; senna tea.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 10p-545a, 95%. Could have used more, but it was very solid. Napped post-run, 2-430p. Also solid.

Body: Felt good but the run, MEH: 10.13m - half of the planned 20. Fuck. Tight hip flexors post-run, all else pretty decent.

Lobster-grip pulls, AM 3x3.

Brain: Okay in AM but crap post-run, due to crapping out halfway through the planned run. Just had no mental strength to push through fatigue. Tried not to dwell on it rest of day, but was mopey/tired.

Grateful: For friends who know just what to say.

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