Saturday, March 2

Nutrition: Overate my junk food. See long run attempt.

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 930p-430a, 78% quality. Felt pretty solid, but definitely should've gone to bed earlier. Was vegging on couch so was at least taking it easy, being a slug.

Body: Felt excellent getting up this morning, but this body seems to be determined to make me quit running. Foot felt fine, new tape job effort gave me more blisters than before, but was not an issue during run. Stupid fucking right knee was, though. Go read here. Hot tub afterward.

Brain: Sucks. Run killed me, that stupid knee pain sends me down a spiral of depression every time.

Fetched my stationary bike...will see if logging time on that helps with endurance.

Remembered pulls at very end of day...2x2.

Grateful: For my husband. Today he was pretty much perfect.

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