Saturday, March 16

Nutrition: Today's goal was no pop, but I had two cans. See "sleep." Also definitely overate post-run, very snacky. ARGH. I even dove into some Mangria for an afternoon movie while I shirked all of my chores, even though I really don't have the time or ability to do that. Fuck it. I desperately needed an irresponsible afternoon. Luckily my body got rid of most of it before bed...did not feel good at the time, but made the next day much easier.

Sleep: Worst. 4.75 hours, 9p-145a, 36% quality. Got up at 1245a for bathroom and ate an energy bite but couldn't fall back. So I got up and ate normal breakfast.

Back to bed 4 hours, 230a-630a, 37% quality. Awful.

Body: Felt decent, just tired. Attempted run but cut it short at 8.15m due to fatigue. Various aches but no real pains, just too damned tired to keep pushing and figured I'll benefit more by saving the body for a long run next weekend. Just a wee bit worried that it might need to be my last long one. Not that I'd then doubt my ability to finish Boston, just leaves me anxious about how much it might hurt.

Brain: Tired and groggy but very boosted by the energy of the day: NSS work, breakfast with Joy & Holea, NBB powerlifting meet, so much lifting talk, it was a total blast. Fully committed to doing it next year. Really think I can accept a yearly cycle of 6 months prioritizing trail running (spring/summer to Wild Duluth), and 6 months focused on lifting good 'n' heavy.

Grateful: For today's sunshine, lest I'd have attempted zero miles at all.

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