Monday, March 4

Nutrition: Going back to my randomly-generated goal of the day. Baby steps to rebuild momentum. Magically I am not even thinking in regards to fat loss, but rather about consuming vegetables + meat + fruit, lay off the Larabars & almonds & other such shortcuts.

So, today's goal: 5s vegetables. Skipped them at breakfast because I didn't feel I had time to slice any up. (Solution for next time: open the can of kraut!) Giant salad at lunch = 4s (carrots, celery, cauliflower, tomatoes, spinach). Supper = shrooms w/ chunky artichoke topper in my scramble.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 75% quality. Felt quite solid, though happily could have gotten more. Afternoon nap, 230-345p.

Body: Pinchier hips today than yesterday. Foot fine, still kept blisters bandaged, as they were oozing last night when I unwrapped them. Gross. Taught class, movement felt good but I am definitely not feeling 100%, all-over blah-ness. Biked for 30 minutes at noon, then off my feet rest of day.

Pulls during class 3x4; before/after biking 3x3; at home in eve 3x3.

Brain: Not well. Run fears.

I tried to help myself out by planning some PTO: all March Fridays after this Friday I will be MIA from TSI. Well, except for the one that's the evening all-team retreat. Or the fact that every single one will be spent working elsewhere.

I did try to schedule a real and true day off for the last weekend in March: long run & NSS Friday, tax firm on Saturday, then Sunday off to do nothing what-so-fucking-ever. Well, guess what: that's Easter, so I am obligated to go hang out with my family. I can't win! (At least there will be slabs of meat, I guess.)

I do have a vacation coming in mid-April, but it's to Boston, and either it will be fucking awesome or it will be fucking horrible. Right now, today, I obviously fear the horrible option, so I can't even find a light at the end of this stupid tunnel.

My next option is to try sliding in some work-from-home days or afternoons. I will see what I can do about that.

I was in a pretty low mental state, and started feeling kind of gross physically, so I went home shortly after 1. Napped, worked a bit, read a lot. Felt better in the eve.

Grateful: That I can actually say "I don't need this job," - now if only I could actually ditch the job itself without feeling like an asshole, or missing the people.

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