Monday, March 25

Nutrition: Today's goal was 1500 calories as well as 5s vegetables. Easy!

Consumed: egg bake, carnitas, coffee w/ coconut milk, supps; more coffee; almonds; SF candy; almonds; (run); beef hot dog, 2 sl egg bake, almonds, Zevia, supps; almonds; salad w/ balsamic, pepitas, ham, apple w/ PB2, senna tea, supps.
Total 525 cal P, 175 cal C, 800 cal F = 1500 on the nose!

Felt: Hungry & a bit depleted at 1030a. Otherwise mostly good. Snacky in afternoon, wanted to eat All The Almonds due to work frustrations. Saved myself by leaving at 5 on the dot, to-do list be damned!

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 91% quality. Woke naturally, dozing in/out last half hour or so. Got up feeling rested.

Body: Quite good. Knees a bit stiff, oddly. Right knee a bit "off" from the get-go on the 3.89m run, but went away on the trip over to the PO. It was tough, but because I had a sweet-ass 8:21 pace!* However, return run angered the right knee. Blargh. I want this motherfucking snow GONE so I can go traipse through the woods please. Foot was not taped, forgot, and it felt fine. So at least there's that!

*Side note to evil voice in head: yeah, yeah, I know my marathon was at 8:24 and felt like cake, but you can go back to hell now, thankyouverymuch.

Lobster-grip dead-hang pulls after class, 6, 5; eve, 3 - to put me at an even 1200 YTD.

Biked 20 min / 4.6 m.

Brain: Surprisingly good. Like I am past the daunting 20-miler, and even though I completely failed at it, whatever, it's no longer hanging out there looming and waiting for me to fail. Disappointed, but moving on. Now, need to focus on mental toughness. Starting with nutrition - and I am actually feeling strong & ready to tackle this.

Run sorta brought me back down a peg. Damn this Taurus body!

Grateful: For funny pictures like this:

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