Monday, March 11

Nutrition: Today's goal is 5s vegetables. All at supper due to terrible planning - I basically subsisted on protein & fat all day. Oh, and an apple. Hooray for fruit day! I balanced myself out by also having tea.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 86% quality. There is NO WAY that's accurate. More like 70%. Took ages to fall asleep (thanks, DST!), woke to a cat fight at 11p, and struggled to wake up.

Body: Tired. Right foot a little strained.

Pulls during class, 3x5; before/after yoga, 3x3.

Brain: Tired and easily annoyed. Skipped out of LAPW meeting over lunch because it was giving me anxiety - always a VERY long meeting and often feels unproductive and social. Sometimes that's nice, but not when I'm still feeling swamped with close and transition.

Work day was swampy and frustrating and LONG, felt just like audit times.

Grateful: For funny friends.

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