Friday, March 8

Nutrition: Today's goal is no snacks. So three good well-rounded meals, and I was fine. Also NCP goal of eating slowly and stopping when 80% full...I'm not really sure how to gauge that, but I kept breakfast and lunch light. Failed at supper.

Sleep: 9 (!) hours in bed, 9p-6a, 82% quality. Felt better, it was 8 solid hours then dozing in/out the last hour.

Body: Feels good, but wearing boots/sitting all day. Resting up for tomorrow's long run.

Pulls throughout day, 3x8. Stopped when I started feeling a hint of impending tweak in right shoulder/neck.

Brain: Close day, which usually brings a sense of relief, but not this month. I still feel overwhelmed with how to transition things to my people.

Grateful: For a peaceful home.

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