Friday, March 29

Nutrition: Today's goal was probably to skip a meal, I think? So no snacking, just 3 meals.

Consumed: egg, chicken sausage, Brussels sprouts, kraut, side pork, coffee w/ SFS; DCP; omelet w/ bacon, onions, shrooms, hash browns; pistachios, jerky, apple, DA&W;coconut flakes & Sunbutter, senna tea, supps
800cal P + 425cal C + 675cal F = 1900cal Total

Felt: Once again, I felt like I had downed a ton of food. Added the late snack when I got home because I didn't want another 1600-cal day, aiming to get a solid night of sleep so I can hit everything on tomorrow's giant to-do list.

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 930p-630a, 93% quality - felt quite a bit worse than that. Woke at 3a or so, and felt like I was tossing & turning the entire time after that. BLEAH.

So, what the hell: why didn't 2100 calories give me better sleep??

Body: Quite good other than tired.

Pulls: AM 4, 3; PM, 4, 3 - both elbow & shoulder joints felt just a leettle pissy today so I kept them low-volume, at my bare daily minimum. This is 100% Dustin's fault, as just yesterday we were talking about pull-up-related tendinitis for the first time since I set this goal!

Brain: Really good. Tired but enjoyed a day at DBB where everyone is so delighted to see me. AND I got another free lunch out of my papa. Sweetness!

Grateful: For Tastefully Simple's Kids in the Community group. I would never be this close to Emma without it. Next week is the kick-off event for 2013, and when her mom confirmed she'll make it, she included this:
Also.....she has to interview an athlete for a badge [for Girl Scouts]...just a quick interview, could probably get it done on the car ride there or something. You are the perfect athlete!! My mom gave us the article from the paper and my oh my woman you look BEAUTIFUL!!

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