Wednesday, February 27

Nutrition: I failed to resist fake carbs (my one goal for the week) already at breakfast. I ate one of last night's biscuits because how could I NOT use one to sop up the delicious yolk and bacon grease on my plate?! Otherwise feeling good and maintaining fine. Testing pork rinds again...second ingredient is maltodextrin, presumed reaction.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 72% quality. Felt pretty decent.

Body: Right inside shin feels weird. Foot is okay; there but not bad. Completely forgot running gear to run after work with anyone, and then by the time I got home, I was uninterested.

Chins during class, 3x6; slow & strong, zero kip or bounce or swing. Beautiful. If only I could knock out 10 like that!

Brain: Pretty good.

I have been thinking a lot about the quote that I saw on FB a few days ago, about the effect it would have on me if my body type became the cultural ideal. How would it affect me, what would I do differently, how much more free time would I have?! So i am trying to think AS IF this truly is the situation. Stop wasting so much energy on my appearance. Just with the small step of eliminating the food tracking, I already feel a little more free, like I have a little more spare time...I like it.

Also, this email from Joy made my

I signed up for the Whole30 daily emails and the Day 0 newsletter features my buddy😃

Your skin. Many folks report clearer skin and a healthy glow after their Whole30. Blog reader Judy noticed such a change that she sent us her story before her Whole30 was even finished, and Sabrina's skin transformation was nothing short of astounding. (Make sure you click on her "current photo" link a the bottom of the page - she's positively glowing!) Take your before photo with a clean face, then do the same with your after shot-and be prepared for some noticeable changes, even if you don't have "problem skin."

Grateful: That I knew Jack. We lost him one year ago today.

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