Wednesday, February 20

Nutrition: I had to drink black tea with breakfast, instead of coffee. Heaven help me everyone else. Luckily, there is PLENTY of coffee at TS! Hungry much of the day, weirdly.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 86% quality. Felt good but was dozing in/out final hour or so.

Body: Taught class at 630a, did warmup & pullups. Foot feeling mostly good, no issues doing morning train. Still weirdness in right groin area on a lunge, just a strange twinge - not there on squats. Low back is tight from yesterday (swings?) but otherwise rest is feeling pretty good. 4.2m lunch run with Lisa felt pretty much fantastic.

Stretches x3 (8a, 1245p, 8p). Pull-ups during class, easy 3x5.

Brain: Fine. Busy day: started by locking myself out of my car, was rather productive at work despite a ton of meetings, spoke twice in front of the all-team, stayed pretty upbeat all day.

I had another mini-breakthrough last night: it's less that I have a need for people to like me (I know that saying NO won't make them dislike me) and more that I hate to disappoint anyone. About anything. (Although, honestly, how disappointed are they going to be if I say "no" to something small...I'm not actually the center of the world, after all.)

I think the fear of disappointing stems from this: I am so consistently disappointed in myself. And that is because I have stupidly high standards for myself.

Yet I can forgive others for almost anything - why can't I forgive myself?

Grateful: For my friends. They are incredible, wonderful, amazing women.

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