Wednesday, February 13

Nutrition: Supposed to be a low-carb, moderate-cal day, ended up high on calories thanks to my attempt to make treats for friends. However, I need to give up on roasting nuts - I always cross over into "I think I can taste the char" territory.

5a-bag jerky, c reg
6a-Larabar, almond milk latte w/ stevia
715a-Americano w/ SF syrup
9a-4 Reese's Pieces, oz almonds, 2c half-caff, supps
1045a-Larabar, 2c decaf w/ SF syrup
1215p-pulls, yoga, treadmill, chins, treadmill
130p-salad w/ pepitas & balsamic, Uberbar, can DC, supps
330p-2c herbal tea
6p-eggplant pizza omelet, bunch of nuts (while making treats), supps
Throughout day-3.5 quarts water

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 9p-430a, 65% quality. Felt a little better than that, but woke at 3 & dozed in/out until the alarm went off at the early end of my half hour - thanks to Oscar.

Body: Foot a little worse than yesterday - pain is sharper. PT streches and TB'd before class. Yesterday didn't really hurt to stand on it - today it did. Made a PT appointment, earliest I can get in is tomorrow at 9a. Iced at 1045a. Felt slightly better after icing but didn't last. Tested it with yoga, treadmill, weird results.

Stretches x2 (630a, 1245p). Pulls during class, 3 false-grip kips x5; then weighted at noon--pulls 10x1, 15x1, 20x1 / chins 10x1, 15x1, 20x1.

Brain: Really getting anxious about the foot. The more I think about it, the closer I get to crying. Thus, trying not to give it any thought. Hard, when it's there with every damned step. Makes me want to over-eat - which I did, a little, until the test run, after which my brain was on a little straighter.

However, I did decide yesterday that if I have to sit out Boston yet again, I'm just going to spend the whole vacation 100% hammered. And since I've had about 10 drinks in 3 years, one bottle of Mangria ought to tide me right over.

Gratitude: I have the most wondertastic friends; I really do.

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  1. One drink with Mangria should do it (I am a lightweight, too)...powerful stuff. Good luck with the foot pain...hope the PT can help you out :)