Tuesday, February 26

Nutrition: Happy high day!

I've discovered a phenomenal new treat: coconut oil + PB2 + chocolate protein = best apple dip EVER. Add a bit of honey on carb days and boom, sheer bliss!

I also made biscuits that were truly biscuit-textured. Flavor is a bit too eggy so I shall attempt a little tweaking next time. But ohmygod biscuits!

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 79% quality. I woke at 4 and fell back...would have been thrilled with another hour. Felt pretty good, though

Body: Weirdness inside left hip is back, otherwise good. Foot fine, just a little worse in afternoon. Standing all day. Happy session times with Joy. Chins in session, 5x3. Crossed the 800 mark!

Brain: The RFL breakfast was a wonderful boost to my day. Also, getting to train with my Buddy!

Grateful: For fundraising opportunities at work. We had a Relay for Life breakfast that I worked 630-830 and it was a blast! Totally worth getting up for at 5am.

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