Thursday, February 7

Nutrition: Deadlift day + some weird foot pain = high everything day.

230a-carby micro cake, macaroon
615a-omelet (egg whites, sl bacon, 5 Brussels sprouts, hot sauce), 2 sl toast w/ coconut butter & jelly, 2c reg w/ T coconut milk
7a-Larabar, can DC
8a-Americano w/ SF syrup
915a-bag jerky
10a-2c reg w/ SF syrup
12p-personal training
130p-can tuna, oz almonds, Larabar, can Zevia, supps
3p-2c tea w/ .5T coconut oil
7p-big sl meatza, 2 sl toast, micro cake, 7 macaroons, supps
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, but 9p-230a, 3a-545a; 82% quality, but it thinks I was asleep from 2-3a, and I was definitely not. Went to the bathroom, went back to bed, couldn't sleep, gave up and got up. Ate some delicious carbs and went back to bed. Solid from there until the alarm woke me.

Body: Feeling a touch of low-back annoyance first thing, as well as an odd pain on outside of right foot (even just walking, all day), so I sat at my desk nearly all day. Likely the combo of loooong work days plus yesterday's Newtons. TB'd the foot at end of workday.

Stretches x3 (815a, 115p, 8p). Pulls in session, 2x10.

Brain: Good. Another super long work day, but I held a good attitude. Enjoyed an AM Americano purchased by my girl Lisa. Did a large & anonymous random act of kindness for a coworker that has me filled to the brim with warm fuzzies imagining his reaction.

And today I changed my email signature to say "Team Lead, Accounting." Eeep!

Grateful: That I didn't need any willpower to avoid the massive amount of Girl Scout cookies in our area today (um, that I brought in, of course).

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