Thursday, February 28

Nutrition: Four meals thanks to 3am breakfast. Being super tired also led to eating too much & drinking way too much caffeine. I also had deadlift-day over-eating excuses.

Actually, while it was high calorie, the food quality was spot-on, and most importantly it wasn't bingey because I let myself snack as I felt the need (almonds, cuties, etc - like I said, nothing wild).

BUT I also burned my tongue on coffee from my brand new coffee-maker. Damn you, Keurig!

Acne: Yesterday's pork rind test already prompted a cyst. Damn you, maltodextrin!! (Derived from corn.)

Sleep: TERRIBLE. In bed 8.5 hours, but 9p-245a, then 415a-7a; a little math has me estimating pathetic 63% quality. First chunk was solid but then I was wide effing awake, and trying to figure out WHY I was awake gave me a monkey mind. So I got up and ate my usual breakfast, read for a while, then went back to bed. Got an hour of deep & wonderful sleep, then fought with the alarm, not wanting to get up at all. Headache, dry mouth, tired, major crank upon waking.

Body: Right foot outside is now hurting, not so much bottom. Feels like a spot that connects up to peroneals. Weird pinching in left hip again as well, but felt fine in session. Pulls in session, 7x2.

Brain: Decent. Tired but upbeat.

Grateful: For orange kitties.

Clyde is my favorite.

Don't tell Oscar.

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