Thursday, February 14

Nutrition: Normally a high everything day due to deadlifting, but it's deload week, and I overate yesterday, so I thought I'd go for moderation instead. But then: blood donation in a'noon, and VD bacon roses in eve.

130a-2 sl toast w/ CB&J
6a-2 fried eggs, sl bacon, 6 Brussels sprouts, 2 sl toast, 2c reg w/ T coconut milk, supps
730a-2c reg w/ T coconut milk
830a-Uberbar, can DC
1015a-Americano w/ SF syrup
12p-personal training
130p-can tuna, 2 homemade trail mix bars, oz almonds, supps
2p-blood donation
3p-med banana
630p-pork chop w/ honey mustard, bunch of bacon roses (some w/ dates), supps
8p-trail mix bar
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Sleep: 9.5 hours in bed, 830p-6a, but oh, what sad, sad hours they were. 76% quality, which is way too high. It took me ages to fall asleep (feeling very stressed and sorry for myself), I was wide awake 1a-230a (got up and hit bathroom, couldn't fall back so I got up & ate, then a while to fall back), and the alarm started waking me at 530a. I wanted to throw it across the room. So tired.

Body: Foot hurts, all else is feeling a little overall fatigue, blaming the poor sleep and stress. Thankful it was deadlift deload week.

PT: Newtons probably angered outer tendons/ligaments, and stretches off a step have kept it aggravated. He stretched, scraped, and gave me stretches to do on my own. Returning tomorrow, deload run on Sunday, return on Monday. He had high hopes. But all day the foot continued its cycle of "Now it hurts like a mofo" and "Now it doesn't hurt at all" - I could not place any kind of consistency on it. Emotionally & mentally draining.

NEW stretches x3 (930a, 130p, 8p). Pulls in session, 10/7/5. Passed 700 YTD!!

Brain: Tired. Stressed.

Oh, what a list: two jobs at TS, during audit week - and bonus, the auditors created a bunch of rework so now I am a half-day farther behind than I already was on January reporting; NSS; DBB; rental house; LAPW; foot pain and how it affects Boston which, ZOMG, is only two months from tomorrow; lifting; body comp. BLARGH.

I have to transition rental issues to the hubster. Lifting will now back down for Boston training and that should drop the (self-induced) pressure. I have to stop caring about body comp (though I don't know how to do so). TS will calm down after the auditors leave, although the two-jobs issue isn't moving anywhere anytime soon. The foot has to get better (right?) - Mary had a good point, that pretty soon I will have cycled through every body part injury and should be good to go!

Grateful: For blood donations at work. It went so smoothly I didn't even get anxious about it. Cool!

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