Sunday, February 24

Nutrition: Ate too much for a rest day. I'm doing okay avoiding snacking, but at the end of every meal, I'm still hungry, snacky, craving a sweet finish. Ugh.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 1015p-630a, 80% quality. Okay; could have used more, was dozing 430a onward. Very tired by 5p.

Body: No long run aches. Foot better than after Wednesday's run, wow! I still had to tape it, though. Sat all day. Debated back and forth, but ultimately I canceled my plan to put an hour on the treadmill; partly not in the mood, but also so that I can run tomorrow instead. Pulls were just plain forgotten.

Brain: Anti-social and tired. Started my day with a good two hours of reading...but then that's all I wanted to do. Didn't want to work, didn't want to leave home, didn't want to deal with anyone. REALLY didn't want to go into the bar to pick up Hop after Daytona, but was told people wanted to see me. Forced myself to go in and I was happy I did, but would have been just as happy go home.

I went to town without a stitch of makeup and felt kinda bleah & ugly for a while, until I realized: holy shit I am showing my face in public without a stitch of makeup! This is 100% worth eating 100% Paleo...I just it wasn't such a challenging sacrifice to do so. If only the rest of the world was Paleo, too. I felt halfway to crying at the grocery store today. I'm wondering how much the restriction of eating Paleo directly affects my struggle to restrict calories.

Grateful: For a quiet, peaceful house.

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