Saturday, February 23

Nutrition: Long run day, high day. I overate before the run, frustratingly. Wasn't feeling all that anxious, more so that I wanted to test Larabar & jerky in my belly...but then also added Sunbutter to avoid tasting jerky while running, yuck. Post-run pancakes to refuel.

Restaurant meal at Dickie's Barbecue Pit in St Cloud; the place is like Sabrina's dream world: smoky air, smells like heaven, bunches o' meats and sides and sweet tea and everything that a person could live on. However, thanks to my food issues, I only ordered a half-rack of ribs, zero sides, plain tea; but oh, man, the ribs were downright fantastic! Tender and smoky. And at home I made up for it with homemade coconut ice cream that tasted like a peanut butter cup. Nom!

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 930p-430a, 65% quality. Oof. Had to get up early to run, and just plain didn't sleep well - woke often.

Body: Got up feeling good but tired. Taped food and ran somewhere between 10.5 & 11 miles.

Run also revealed slightly sore/tight hammies. Under-hydrated for sure, and running too early to have made up for it. During run, when I stopped to retape, I sucked down a bit of Ultima, but that's it. Next time, I also need to nab a salt tab and see how that feels.

Post-run I actually felt quite good. Joints were all perfectly happy, though left shin was slightly tender.

Pulls 4x4, 100% dead hang.

Brain: Decent. Wish the run had gone better (longer), and annoyed by the husband who was supposed to make my post-run pancakes but I had to make my own because he was still sleeping off his hangover at the boss's house. A failed nap attempt left me a bit grumpy too, but a successful trip to St Cloud made up for things.

Grateful: For fun fellow runners.

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