Saturday, February 2

Nutrition: Calorie overload. Poor sleep, pre-run anxiety, post-run snackiness - massively so. Felt helpless to stop eating.

330a-2 fried eggs, 2 sl bacon, s chicken sausage, 2 sl toast, carby micro cake, 2 macaroons, 2c reg w/ 1/4c almond milk, supps
430a-Uberbar, 2c reg
6a-6.3m run
7a-1.6m run/walk
730a-4.24m run/walk
during/post-s Ultima, 2 salt tabs
8a-3-egg omelet w/ veg & meat, hash browns, hot sauce, 4c reg
11a-10oz pistachios, can DC
1p-bag jerky, supps
230p-2 macaroons, Larabar, 2T chocolate chips, 2c decaf
7p-2 sl meatza
815p-banana fried ice cream
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Sleep: Awful. 6 hours in bed, 9p-3a, 62% quality. Wide awake about 2a onward until I gave up & got up. At 3-effing-AM.

Body: Decent. Some glute soreness. Running went great, though. No pains! Wore compression socks all day. No long-run soreness other than tight left glute (which I had post-deadlifts already).

Stretches x1 (415a). Pull-ups avoided.

Brain: Great due to run, great due to husband time, terrible due to eating.

Grateful: For my husband. He cleaned the house, AND he made me supper. Whattaguy!

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