Monday, February 25

Nutrition: I can't stop thinking about body comp. Blargh! I am still feeling stuck in the deep dark murky "How much do I eat?" swamp. I need to find a balance between fueling workouts and making up for poor sleep and too much stress and yet...not getting fat. Even though I am not supposed to me thinking about it! This week my goal is to avoid fake carbs except for Tues/Thurs/Sat. A tiny goal, let's see if I can at least manage that.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 97% quality. It was good, but it didn't feel THAT great.

Body: Some ache in foot, minor, about where it was yesterday. All else is good, though feeling tired. Sat most of day. Lunch run felt great, though after 20 minutes there was a lot of walking for Lisa; her guts was angry. Feet got really puffy by end of day.

Pulls all dead-hang, 3x5.

Brain: To start with: tired but feeling ready to battle through the week.

By noon: I want to go home. (And if not for my first leadership meeting in the afternoon, I would have.)

By supper: I am feeling fine! Both of us home early, my butt on the couch, a book in my hands.

Grateful: For my regular committed class attendees. Fun boys!

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